Brian McKenzie

Head of Design

A highly motivated and creative Studio Manager with a passion for graphic design, who started off in the industry back in 1994 at a local print company. Brian has worked for a number of high-profile advertising  agencies where he developed his trade and skills.


He joined the Jersey Evening Post’s creative team in 2003 and was promoted to studio manager in 2013.


Sharing his knowledge and expertise with the Jersey Evening Post’s current team of professionals, he is responsible for the production and quality control of all supplements, publications and advertisements the newspaper produces.


Passionate about helping clients further develop their premium brand and corporate design portfolios. His design ethos encompasses a leading-edge approach to accommodating the tailored needs of client expectations.

Brian’s favourite TV series: 'I would challenge Becky’s ’nothing can beat Suits’, and keeping with the law theme, would suggest Goliath is better! But if I had to choose one, I would say The Crown.'